About Prescott

Prescott Elementary School

o   School tours conducted 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9:00am. Reservations NOT required. Led by parents followed by Q&A with Administration

o   1632 West Wrightwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60614 (773.534.5505)

o Website: http://www.prescott.cps.k12.il.us

Prescott’s Distinctions

o   Prescott featured on Chicago Magazine's list of Best Public Elementary Schools in Chicago for 2016.  This is a result of our commitment, the dedication of our administration and the focus of our teachers.  

o   Prescott was ahead of other schools in preparation for the new Common Core standards.  The new assessment, the PARCC, rolled out during the 2014-2015 year. The new assessment will surprise many parents across the US, especially middle-class parents who have been lulled into the belief that they have a great school.  To make the transition, schools should have been preparing for at least a year prior. Prescott prepared three years in advance.

o   Prescott students take Algebra in 8th grade.  This is another stark difference with other schools.  Algebra pushes students at a much higher level than previous Illinois learning expectations in 8th grade math.  If a student successfully takes Algebra in 8th grade, they're set up to finish Calculus by the end of high school-- a huge advantage when applying to top colleges.

o   Prescott emphasizes a strong home-school connection.  Strong parent-teacher communication and 4 family nights a year (reading, math, and science) are two examples of our unique home-school connection.

o   At Prescott, the social-emotional learning is as critical as academic learning.  It’s important for children to learn persistence, teamwork, and problem-solving as part of their social-emotional development.  Students learning in these types of environments do better academically. 

o   Prescott is a small school with 370 students Pre-K through 8th grade. 

Outstanding Faculty

o   88% of faculty holds a Masters degree from Cornell, Erickson Institute, University of Illinois—Urbana-Champaign, Michigan State, Indiana University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and other highly acclaimed schools

o   Principal Erin Roche (former Math and Language Arts Teacher; 13 years in administration, 11 in principalship; doctorate from Vanderbilt University, which is #1 in nations for educational leadership).

o   Assistant Principal Amanda Malsch (former teacher and expert Cognitive Coach)

o   Winner ( Ms. Lindsey—2009) Office Max A-Day-Made-Better Award

o   Winner  (Ms. Gow) 2010-2011 CPS Drive Award given to 23 out of 23,000 CPS faculty

o   Winner (Ms. Phares) 2009 Golden Apple Award

o    National Board Certified Teachers –Ms. Phares (3rd grade teacher),  Ms. Gow (middle school teacher), Mr. Roche (Principal), Ms. Bigby (2nd grade teachers), and Mrs. Kirshner (1st grade teacher) and Ms. Moran (Special Education and Math specialist)

Rigorous Academics

o   PreK through 8th grade exposed to a rigorous, coherent curriculum aligned with the Common Core State Standards

o   Each PreK class has one full time teacher and one full time assistant

o   PreK-7th grade math curriculum is designed so 8th graders take Algebra

o   Reading/writing curriculum includes University of Chicago Jr. Great Books

o   Rigorous inquiry-based science curriculum (FOSS, IEP, SEPUP)

o   Test scores on old ISAT increased 34 points in the past five years as the result of new community enthusiasm, administration and faculty


Strategic Partnerships

  • Erikson Institute—world-renowned research and graduate school in education
  • University of Chicago Urban Education Institute
  • DePaul University Professional Development School—DePaul recruited school to mentor teacher candidates from School of Education—over 50 university students per year observe or student-teach at Prescott. Additionally, DePaul’s science education students come to Prescott on Wednesdays to teach science lab.
  • GreenStar Movement worked with Prescott students on our beautiful tile mosaic overlooking the parking lot  (www.greenstarmovement.org)
  • Alliant Credit Union, 7th largest credit union in US, provides range of support to the school including the Family Book Program, school supplies, and Prescott Service Day


Extracurricular Programming

o   Language Stars –Spanish taught after school, Mandarin before school

o   Emerald City Theater – drama club – meets once/week

o   Right At School – fee based after school program – runs 3:45pm-6:00pm daily

Supports wide ranging enrichment programming that is coordinated through RAS

o   Chess Wizards –chess program teaches chess and accompanying analytical skills

o   Soccer, volleyball, track, softball, and Basketball –interscholastic athletics

o   Chicago Children’s Choir—annual performances at Navy Pier and Millennium Park

o   Smiling Strings – before school violin

o   Ballroom Dancing & Open Mic Nights

o   Battle of the Books and Mathletes

o   Art Club

o   Reading and math tutoring programs

o   We Got Game

o   Lego Engineering

o   Karate

o   Yoga

o   Mad Science

Parent/Community Support

o   Prescott Parents, a 501(c)3 organization (www.prescottparents.com), offers a range of support for the school to engage the community and raise funds.  Designed to keep all parents and supporters connected with each other and events at the school.

o   Local School Council – an active board working within the school, public participation encouraged

o   Strong commitments to Prescott School Community from Alderman, State Rep, US Rep and County Commissioner

The New Buzz and More

o   2015 (unofficial) Top 5% nationally in student learning attainment in math and top 7% in student learning attainment in reading.

o   2015 (unofficial) Top 3% nationally in student learning growth in math and top 14% in student learning growth in reading.

o   2014 Prescott ranked in the top 10% nationally in NWEA-MAP student learning growth in reading and top 20% nationally in NWEA-MAP in math.

o   2014 Prescott ranked in the top third of school nationally on attainment in Reading and Math.

o   2013 Prescott ranked in the top 1% nationally in NWEA-MAP student learning growth (4 million students take test).

o   2013 Prescott’s value added growth was in the top 10% of CPS in ISAT and NWEA-MAP across all categories.

o   Extensive improvement in the last four years, thanks to dedicated parents, the new administration and faculty and a burgeoning neighborhood community.

o   Enrollment increased an average of 10% each of past three years

o   Teachers collaborate to plan Buddies program, Celebrations of Learning, Fall Family Reading Night, Family Science Night, and Spring Math & Reading Night

o   Caring, diverse school community that nurtures children to high academic levels and well-rounded skills.

o   Prescott students were featured on WBBM Radio for their anti-bullying campaign.


o   School - Principal Roche – 773.534.5505 / www.prescott.cps.k12.il.us

o   Prescott Parents – Jennifer Lister – 312.848.0570 / prescottschoolchicago@gmail.com / www.prescottparents.com





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