Prescott's Pre-K Ready to Learn Program

Prescott's Preschool Ready to Learn tuition-based program ensures that all preschool children are prepared to succeed in school and in life. The program offers 3 hours of preschool programming for three- and four-year-olds. The Ready to Learn Program is designed to promote a comprehensive approach to early childhood development. It encourages collaboration among providers and other community stakeholders to foster creative strategies to meet the complete needs of young children and their families.

To apply, children must be 3 before Sept 1 of the respective school year and be potty trained.  There are no boundary requirements and acceptance is based on pre-established criteria. 

For information on how to apply to CPS-based Ready to Learn program, please visit

Early childhood education and school readiness are a priority at Prescott School.  The early childhood PreK Ready to Learn program at Prescott School is child-centered and play-based with a strong emphasis on literacy.  We encourage children to learn by exploring their surrounding environment.  We work hard to make the classroom environment one that is safe but stimulating, comfortable but challenging, consistent but changing, routine but flexible.

The core of the Pre-Kindergarten program includes a rich introduction to literacy and numbers.  In addition, depending on individual classroom schedules, Prescott Pre-Kindergartners have weekly classes in art, physical education, and library.

Pre-Kindergarten classrooms at Prescott are organized for different types of play:
  • · Writing Center (includes a computer)
  • · Book Corner (includes a listening center)
  • · Manipulative Area (sorting, counting, games, puzzles)
  • · Art Center
  • · .Block Area
  • · Reading and Literacy Centers (usually in small groups with a teacher
  • · Dramatic Play Area (dress-up, housekeeping, puppets, doll house)
  • · Discovery Area (sand, water, science table)

Prescott currently offers one morning and one afternoon Pre-K “Ready to Learn” class each with 20 students.  The morning classes run from 8:45am—11:15 a.m. and the afternoon classes run from 1:00pm-3:45pm.  Classes are lead by Ms. Roberts.  

Prescott School is a magnet cluster focused on literature and writing. Currently considered a "neighborhood school", Prescott is located on the corner of Wrightwood and Ashland just kitty corner from Wrightwood Park.

The address is:
Prescott School
1632 N. Wrightwood
Chicago, IL 60614