We are so glad that you stopped by and are taking the time to learn about our efforts.  While we
are a passionate group, motivated solely by the potential of our children, we can use your help.  CPS is a large organization that simply doesn’t have the capacity to meet every school’s every need and that is where we come into play.  Our goal is simple—to make Prescott a viable school option for our kids.
A top education at a reputable school should be a “right” for all children living in Chicago.  With energy, motivation and a little hard work, we can make the changes that will elevate Prescott to a dynamic institution of higher learning.

Working together and capitalizing on what other’s have to offer, Prescott will become a beacon of success.  We are looking to add enrichment programs so our kids can expand their interests...we will focus on beautification efforts to build self-esteem within the student base...we will insist on curriculum assessment so we are assured that our kids are learning at the pace of other students, and most importantly, we will drive parental and community involvement so we become a landmark within our community.  There is so much to be done so jump aboard and join the team!

Prescott School is a magnet cluster focused on literature and writing. Currently considered a "neighborhood school", Prescott is located on the corner of Wrightwood and Ashland just kitty corner from Wrightwood Park.

The address is:
Prescott School
1632 N. Wrightwood
Chicago, IL 60614