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Join Prescott Artists for an Inaugural Art Ball

posted Jan 19, 2017, 1:26 PM by Jennifer Lister   [ updated Jan 19, 2017, 1:26 PM ]
Inauguration Day: Friday, January 20th  5:30-7:00 PM
at Prescott School

The art show is a culmination of social studies lessons and art lessons focused on the 2016 presidential election.  Students studied the constitution and followed the election process in class with Mrs. Edwards.  They chose election issues they feel most strongly about to inspire art pieces including over 50 unique collages, paintings and sculptures.  The topics they chose include climate change, education funding, gender and racial equality, gun violence and immigration.

Fifth grade students will be taking part in a performance art piece!  They will be creating abstract and expressionistic paintings to illustrate the following prompt:  If you could speak at the inauguration, what would you tell our new president?  The project is designed to make students think about what it feels like to use art as their voice.  They will hold their own work at various spots around the exhibit, and they will have their mouths taped shut for a dramatic effect.  Visitors can try to interpret their work and then read about what they were trying to visually express!  It has been fun to work with them on this because they are so used to representational work.  Abstract work is a real challenge for them!

The 6-8th grade students will be dressing to impress, and will be eager to chat with you about their work.  Light refreshments will be served, and we will have a live band performing!  Join us or volunteer if you can!

How can you help us?

Donate Refreshments
Donate Plates, Utensils and Cups
Monitor Refreshments 
Help Clean and Organize Afterwards

Let Prescott art teacher Ms. Ammons know if you can help!  eaammons@cps.edu
For more information visit, Inaugural art exhibit